Quarries & Technical Structure
  • We examine some beds in this report such as; Karayazı ,Delikkaya .These beds are on the read in 7 km which from Nevsehir to Avanos and you must turn the Türkmenlik hill and you can reach after 200m. The number of construction site for contact with the company. +90384 215 2367

  • You can find any dimensions wheatear you want .Bot, there are some frequently used and standard dimensions:
    Tol...........: 65 x 30 x 15
    Covering..: 65 x 30 11
    Musavat...: 55 x 30 x 27 - 65 x 30 x 27
    Suve........: 100 x 30 x 15

  • The “COMETA” machines are used in the beds while cutting stones. They are imported from Italy and they are with diesel engine and hydraulic control. The knives are movable to contour line and horizontal in horizontal plane and became ready to use .These stones can be sometimes used as their natural states according to the building which the stones are used. But, mostly, these stones are maden to suitable to building features.

  • According to the previous analysis, the results of chemical analysis of the example stones taken from these two beds:

    SIO2 : 69,96 Mn ,Ca,Na,K Combinations: 11,12

    AI2O3: 17,33 The numbers are given in “%”

    Fe2O3 : 1,59

  • A) Volume Unit Weight : According to the recent laboratory surveys, the cutting stones weight.

    Natural ……….: 1,58 gr/cm3

    Dry………..……: 1,50 gr/cm3

    As seen these valves, these stones have great advantage for heat and noise:

  • B) Water Consistency: Recent surveys show that; Having stones is %31.1. And the proportion of water suction is %24.83 completely in water.

  • C) Water Permeability: The examples, which are dried in normal heat, shows that Eltas stones are completely water resist

  • D) The Effects Of Heat: Although, in most other examples deformation starts in 310 0C; but, in Öz Kapadokya stones, in 1280 0C and even with an extra pressure, there are rot any deformation and fosion .

  • E) Hardness: According to shore hardness tool tests, the shore hardness degrees of Öz Kapadokya stones are between 55-65.

  • A) Pressure resistance with one axis = in three different examples, the results 150-170-205- kg/cm2 are found.

  • B) Pressure Resistance with Three Axis =this is given MOHR diagram in addition.

  • C) Cohesion is 28-40 kg/cm2 and interior friction Angle is 48 g O

  • D) Pulling Resistance =18-23 kg/cm2

  • Bending Resistance = 13-19 kg/cm2

    Pointed Loading Resistance = 9-14 kg/cm2

  • E) Static and elasticize module is Ed 4.7.000 km/cm2

  • F) Dynamic and elasticize module is Ed 60.000 km/cm2

  • All of these surveys results show that the great valves of Öz Kapadokya stones But ,Anatolian people ,with their endless experiences ,says that these stones grand ally dilates while concrete and cement prepare to peeving its 100 years, Öz Kapadokya stones representing the Anatolian tufa already proved its strength and it passed 600 years .And we took some examples from 3-10 years old building and its devious that %20-32 positive improvement have accrued in especially physical and mechanic characteristics Also these stones can charge its own colors day by day .There are so many photographs this and will be documented by Öz Kapadokya soon. Öz Kapadokya Gove some advantages and improvements to our country’s economy Also you can build more natural, wormer atmosphere building by the help of Öz Kapadokya Co.ltd.